Development and Private Investment

  • Short, Medium and Long-term investments: We offer advice and help our clients and partners implement sound investment decisions over varying periods. By identifying an array of investment options, we are able to help our clients to set up and select from diverse managed investment portfolio. These shall in turn be tailored to suit our clients’ needs.

  • Wealth Management and Retirement Planning: We believe it is imperative for us to help our clients plan ahead, and, through our Wealth Management and Retirement Planning Solutions, we help create bespoke portfolios to suit their unique profiles. Our thorough consultative processes enable us to build proper relationships, which enable us to identify needs, assess risks, and diversify solutions, which shall lead to achieved investment and financial goals. These wealth management solutions imply that all retirement worries shall be mitigated and clients shall enjoy much deserved peace of mind.

Stock Market Trading

L&S Capital (Pty) Ltd is properly equipped to offer both advisory and full discretionary trading for private clients. We furnish our clients who would rather trade for themselves with trading ideas and information to help them make sound and profitable trading decisions. We also assist in managing such client’s risk and ensuring they can participate with ease in the volatile markets for financial securities. 

We also offer full discretionary trading to clients who would rather have the professionals assume all risk taking decisions on their behalf. Our minimum full discretionary portfolios is R100,000.00 and can be negotiated with our trading team.  We open accounts after correct FICA documentation has been received, and, in line with clients’ investment goals and financial needs, structure bespoke agreements to suit. Using trusted platforms, we trade the following:

  • CFD’s
  • Commodities
  • Binary Trading

Advisory and Consulting Services

L&S Capital (Pty) Ltd is properly equipped to offer both advisory and relates financial services for private clients. We offer advisory services in line with the FAIS Act 37 of 2002, and as such, are bound by the Act to offer advice with utmost honesty and integrity. All financial products or services we render are also subject to due scrutiny by the Financial Services Board (FSB), ensuring that our clients are treated with candour. Concordantly, our consulting services include all required tenets and due compliance to the regulations set down by respective regulatory bodies of the Republic of South Africa, and of the foreign countries where we express business interests. We also assist in managing such client’s risk and ensuring they can participate with ease in the volatile markets for financial securities.


We are distributors of The Green World™, a transnational group of companies engaging itself in scientific research and development, manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, herbal medicine and herbal cosmetics of a complete systems-oriented nature with its headquarters based in Michigan of the United States of America and manufacturing facilities in South California. It is registered and accredited by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of USA. Then Dr. Deming Li, the founder of the Green World was determined to take the herbal systems especially the traditional Chinese herbal systems and the outcome of her scientific research and to introduce these wonderful herbal treasures to everyone, everywhere in the world. In 2004, World (Tianjin) Nutrition and Health Products Co., Ltd. was formed and now the Green World is extending its businesses to medical equipment, herb cultivation, international trade, investment and capital operation and advertisement, etc. it is a well-organized organization with over 50 subsidiary companies all over the world run by highly professional management team and 8 scientific research institutes and centres both in the United States and China with the prestigious world-level scientists and research fellows on board.

Green World South Africa is located at No. 11, Park lane, Parktown, Johannesburg, engaging itself in importing, exporting and distributing of traditional Chinese herbal products and supplement health food. With its favourable location in Johannesburg, the economic metropolis of South Africa, the company is very accessible. Green World South Africa will take an active part in the economic development of South Africa and will be committed to acting as an important role in solving the problems of unemployment and in the other public affairs. Formally founded on June 9, 2007, Green World South Africa is convinced to be a great success on the basis of the professional management team, enthusiastic distributors and the strong backup from the headquarters. For more information, go to www.world-food.com


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We currently make ad hoc charitable donations as requested by various beneficiaries. Our interest, however, is investing in education, particularly in Accounting and Economics, so that we ensure an increase of participation by the new generation in the Financial Services Sector. To successfully achieve this, we shall work continuously with relevant charity organisations and other financial institutions.