Ally for Life:

to develop mutually beneficial alliances with our associates, partners and clients

Best People:

to attract, develop and retain the best people in all of our chosen business processes

Doing it Right the First Time (Kaizen):

to ascertain excellent, professional planning and implementation of all we are engaged in

Profitable Growth:

to have sensible growth which is in the best interest of our associates and strategic allies


Our approach is to fully understand our clients’ core and auxiliary requirements, be it a single or integrated process requirement. We work closely with to define the need, understand the benefits, develop the solution and help implement it. We pride ourselves on our ability to, where necessary, collaborate with other vendors for qualitative solutions or outputs.

Our typical client engagement model is tailored to each client situation and includes the following broad steps:

Business Consulting

Diagnose problems against industry and process best practice scenarios (Diagnostic Review)

Solution Crafting:

Develop, where necessary, a conceptual blueprint of the proposed changes inclusive of Process, Structure and Technology.

Solution Delivery:

Develop, where needed, best practice model detailing

  • Process
  • Structure
  • Technology
  • Operations

Put the solution in place through :

  • Change management Plan
  • Project Planning
  • Impact Analysis
  • Acceptance Testing